Why You Should Include An Accent Wall In Your Home

An accent wall can alter the room’s appearance and ambiance drastically. Accent walls can be useful or a distraction depending on the reason. To create a positive impression through accent walls, begin by learning the reason an accent wall is perfect for the home.

Highlight a Focal Point

Accent walls started as a hot trend to highlight a focal point within a room, and it is still the primary reason accent walls remain in existence today. The eye naturally gravitates toward the accent wall, highlighting the fireplace, artwork, or decorative home decor. An accent wall color that differs from the other walls requires the same color on home decor spread throughout the room for balance. An accent wall with a lighter or darker shade than the other walls highlights the focal point without being an overpowering distraction.

Adjust Room Proportion

An accent wall can balance, shrink, or enlarge an uneven room. Achieve this look by choosing one wall to paint a different color from the rest. It can shorten narrow rooms and lengthen small rooms. A light-colored accent wall in a dark-colored room and a dark-colored accent in a light-colored room are examples. An alternative to contrasting colors is painting one wall a different shade from the rest.

Create Room Separation

In open floor plans, an accent wall can break up a room and create separation when no walls exist. Paint the walls two different shades of the same color so it doesn’t disrupt the look or flow of the area. Using two different shades is less distracting than two vastly different colors.

An accent wall is much easier to navigate when there’s a purpose behind it. It makes for a great conversation piece and is visually intriguing to the eye. Make a room pop by including an accent wall in your home.