Outdoor Kitchens Are Really Cooking

One of the most beautiful trends in outdoor decor in 2021 is the outdoor kitchen. Where it used to be a simple charcoal grill on your pool deck, elaborate stoves and fireplaces are erected of stone and marble, complete with the ability to make three and four-course meals right in the great outdoors. Some of the outdoor decor tips for outdoor kitchens include:

* Keep it size appropriate. You don’t want the outdoor kitchen to overshadow the remainder of your yard and gardens.

* Buy the best setup that you can afford. If you don’t have the funds to install a gas setup, but you don’t like the way food tastes when cooked on charcoal, you won’t be happy with your outdoor kitchen for long. It’s better to wait until you can get the outdoor kitchen that you really want than to purchase one you won’t want to use.

* Don’t skimp on the labor. Hire a skilled contractor who is in the business of outdoor kitchen installations. Be sure they pull the proper permits so that your outdoor kitchen doesn’t become a liability when you go to sell your home. A good contractor can make all the difference between an outdoor kitchen that is functional and beautiful, and an outdoor kitchen that is an eyesore.

* Allow room for outdoor furniture. Just as indoors, an outdoor kitchen becomes a gathering place for families and friends. Don’t have the area so cramped that people can’t gather around as food is being prepared.

* Install an outdoor kitchen that works with the remainder of your outdoor decor. Don’t install a black marble fireplace and grill if the rest of your gardens are decorated in retro whimsical decor. Make your decor work with your outdoor kitchen and vice versa. They should be a fluid look and feel.