Home Decor Trends: Pendant Lights

One of the most interesting home decor trends being spotted in 2021 is pendant lights. These fashionable additions to a lighting scheme are a cost-effective and versatile way to upgrade a room without breaking the bank. Pendant lights come in hundreds of shapes and materials. The options are virtually limitless.

A popular pendant light spotted in kitchens, entryways, and bathrooms are concrete pendants. They are available in both unfinished, and finished, and painted styles. Also, popular is the geometric cage pendant lights, which come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials. One trendy version of the geometric cage pendant light is the octagon made of black metal, as these are being featured in kitchen nooks, bathrooms, and offices in all of the design magazines in 2021.

One pendant light that has been in style, and remains in the home decor spotlight, is the glass globe pendant light in eclectic shapes and colors. From cylindrical to teardrop, round to square, glass can be blown in any color and shape that the blower decides. There are many pendant light shops that take custom orders on the pendant light glass globes so you can fully customize your pendant light order.

The pendant light seems to have the popularity that chandeliers once had, and for good reason. At about one-fifth of the cost of a traditional chandelier, the pendant light is a more sensible lighting solution on your wallet and is much less laborious to install and maintain. Instead of thousands of dollars and a team of installers for a light fixture installation, it can be just under a hundred dollars and can be simply installed with just a few wire nuts and a screwdriver. The pendant lights on the market today are an easy choice in home decor to show your individual personality.