Home Decor Items You Should Have In 2021

Are you looking to redecorate your home but you do not know what home decorations to get? Here are some home decor items that you should definitely have in 2021.

#1 Rattan containers or baskets

Rattan containers and/or baskets are very functional and they look cute too. Skip the usual boxes or plastic containers and go for something that is more aesthetic. They double as storage spaces too and not just as mere decorations. They could also help you organize your stuff.

#2 Scented candles

Scented candles are cute to look at and they also eliminate unwanted odors when you light them up.

#3 Indoor plants

Indoor plants are soooo in! You also get to have some fresh air in the house and a cleaner vibe with indoor plants. Just make sure to take care of them properly.

#4 Hanging shelves

Hanging shelves save you space as compared to having a really big shelf. They are also decorative items in the sense that you may store other items in them aside from books like vases, picture frames, and others.

#5 Fairy lights or LED strips

Add some lighting to your home with fairy lights or LED strips. If you are looking for an ethereal vibe, fairy lights is the way to go but if you want a more retro or futuristic feel, LED strips are your best friends.

#6 Dried flowers

Dried flowers are relatively easier to maintain as compared to fresh flowers. They also have a longer life span. They also match your rattan baskets and would look great on any vase!

#7 Mirrors

Mirrors make the space in your home seem bigger and you also get to see your reflection more often for retouching sessions. You may even take your Instagram game to the next level by taking mirror selfies with your fancy mirrors.

#8 Blankets

Blankets can just be left in the couch or on your bed or on chairs. They are perfect for when you feel cold and need some warmth. They are also useful for cuddle sessions while watching Netflix.