9 Rugs Support Pleasant Kitchen Atmosphere

The kitchen is not only a place for cooking but also the center of the house for a place to gather with family and friends while enjoying food. Rugs can support a pleasant and beautiful kitchen atmosphere. Some of the recommendations for rugs for your kitchen are as follows:

1. Verena Dark Wood Rug

Aesthetically pleasing rugs and motifs for your kitchen, with a soothing rustic feel. With a diamond motif with a matching outline, it is very charming.

2. Damali Black & White Rug

The Damali Rug comes in a neutral black and white color. The motif features 3 jewels in the center as well as a simple yet attractive striated outline. The color palette is also neutral with grays and beige, making the room minimalist and clean.

3. Celestine Coral Rug

With a classic pattern of beautiful and intricate small flowers, Celestine Coral Spirit will bring a different atmosphere to your kitchen. For information, the color of the carpet will vary depending on the lighting in your room.

4. Delphina Delft Blue Rug

Inspired by the ancient Greek city of Delphi, the Delphina Delft rug motif was created. The design is reminiscent of carved porcelain with vine plants and flowers. Having 2 colors, namely dark blue and white, will make your kitchen more beautiful.

5. Buffalo Plaid Black & White Rug

The classic black and white rug will match any furniture in your room. Your room will be more stylish with Buffalo Plaid Black & White Rug.

6. Floral Medallion Yellow Gray Rug

A beautiful large medallion floral rug in bright colors will bring your room to life. The color combination of tin and yellow in flowers will enliven the kitchen and become the center of attention.

7. Maral Heriz Burgundy Rug

Maral Heriz Burgundy Rug has a beautiful, unique, classic, and intricate Persian rug-like design. The color selection is also beautiful, the combination of burgundy, teal, and gold makes this rug look luxurious.

8. Lemonade Yellow Rug

The atmosphere of your home will be bright and festive with a lemonade yellow motif with a large lemon image which is very refreshing. Put it in the kitchen and you will feel more at home there.

9. Hana Tiger Orange Rug

Yumeji Takehisa inspired the Hana Tiger Orange carpet with a vintage feel, featuring an attractive retro orange motif. A beautiful combination of dark orange, gray, and red.