9 Amazing Rugs For Kids Room

A rug is the greatest way to decorate a room and change its vibes: It is cheap, easy to install, and you can move it to anywhere you want to. The same happens for kids’ rooms. If you put a carpet in it, the whole room will look so much better. But what kind of rugs can you get for it? Well, of course, you can buy any you like and there is not a wrong option, but these recommendations we are about to give you are perfect for the kids.

1.Mickey Polka Dots Multicolor Rug

This playful design with Mickey silhouettes is perfect for your kids' rooms or nursery. The geometric shapes add a touch of modern vibes to the classic Disney mouse.

2.Mickey Doodles Onyx Rug

The funny and dynamic patterns contrast with the black and cream colors of the design. Let the magic flow with this beautiful rug and a few hours of imaginative plays.

3. Mickey Damask Charcoal Rug

If you want something for the kids, but elegant and sophisticated at the same time, the Mickey damask charcoal is perfect for it. You will get all the refinement and style of these traditional types of motifs, but with hidden Mickey Mouses all over the pearl and black carpet.

4.Minnie Floral Multicolor Rug

Lovely, sweet, and charming are the best words to describe this rug inspired by Minnie Mouse. Its floral motifs will beautifully decorate any bedroom, nursery, or playroom without being too ostentatious.

5.Mickey Trellis Slate Rug

The design of this carpet features graphic outlines of Mickey Mouse's head, tinted in pearl against a beautiful blue and a grey-green.

6.The Rebellion Rug

If the Mouse is not their passion, Star Wars might be. With this rug, they will have in a sight the Millennium Falcon, the X-wing, and the A-wing ships of the Rebellion.

7.Smugglers Geo R2D2 Blue Rug

Are you an R2D2 fan? Get all the essence of this adorable friend with this amazing hand-draw carpet, where you can see the inner workings of the Death Star and a few subtle elements of the Millennium Falcon hidden within.

8.Darth Vader Rug

Feel the strong presence of our favorite villain in this black and white carpet, where the helmet of Lord Vader is the center of attention.

9.The Saga White & Black Rug

You cannot choose which character is your favorite, and we understand it, so here you can find the most iconic ones. You do not need to pick!