8 Products That Can Literally Light Up Your World

Choosing the right lighting fixture is important. Your efforts at decorating your home will be wasted without good lighting. Here are some products for you to check out.

1. Francesca Scalloped 4-Light Chandelier

If you are looking for a chandelier that exudes a feminine vibe, then the Francesca is the perfect one for you. Indeed, it looks like a woman dancing on the ceiling. This lighting fixture is perfect for your living room.

2. Moravian Star Ceiling Mount

This ceiling light will give you the Christmas feels all year round. And it’s not surprising because the Moravian star was originally conceived as a Christmas decoration. This 2-light ceiling mount is perfect for small rooms.

3. Serena Crystal Table Lamp

Chic and stylish: These are the two words that best describe the Serena table lamp. Getting this for your home will instantly provide it with a touch of class with its combination of crystal and steel and brass accents.

4. Marabella Table Lamp

The white finish of the Marbella will lend an air of elegance to any room. This is a handmade table lamp that is made of iron and resin. Its modern silhouette will make it perfect for your bedroom or home office.

5. Julian Apothecary Floor Lamp

This floor lamp is both useful and decorative. It will definitely provide the much-needed illumination in your reading or work area. The vintage style will give any room an interesting character.

6. Atlanta Floor Lamp

This is another vintage floor lamp that will be perfect for your study or living room. Positioning the light to your desired spot is easy thanks to the bow arm pivots.

7. Velvet Empire Buffet Shade

Can any material be more elegant than velvet? This is designed as a holiday light but that doesn’t mean you can use it all year round.

8. Woven Seagrass Chandelier Shade

The woven texture of the shade provides a rustic feel. The shade also provides an interesting visual texture when the lamp is turned on.