7 Solo Stove Products For Camping Or For Your Backyard

Are you looking for the perfect wood stove, grill, fire pit, or accessories for your backyard or camping? Then check out these products.


This is a fire pit that you can bring with you to camping or to the beach. It’s the most portable fire pit available on the market today. It features Solo Stove’s signature 360 Degree Airflow Design. And it’s not only small, but it also produces minimal smoke.


This is the perfect fire pit to add to your backyard. And the best thing about it is that it’s smokeless. This means your neighbor won’t be annoyed at you. And since it’s portable, you can easily move it around.


If you want to have a bigger fire, then the Yukon is the fire pit for you. But even though it produces a big flame, it’s still smokeless. So this fire pit is still ideal for suburban settings. It’s the perfect way to entertain friends and family.

4.Grill Ultimate Bundle

This has everything you need for the perfect barbecue party at home. The best thing about this grill is that it’s very easy to use. Anyone can use it. You don’t even have to be a grill master.


This is an ultralight camp stove that won’t be a burden to carry in your backpack. It can boil water in under 10 minutes and you only need to use twigs and stick as fuel. A must-have if you want to have a hot meal while camping.


If you’re going camping with a large group then you’re going to need a bigger stove. The Campfire will surely meet your needs. It’s perfect for groups of four or more. You can use it to cook meals, roast hotdogs, or make s'mores.

7.Roasting Sticks

Every aspiring barbecue master should have the right tools.