7 Ideas If You’re Looking To Add A Runner To Your Home

Adding a runner to a narrow space like a hallway can make it more interesting. Here are some great options for runners.

1. Moroccan Diamond Plush Rug

The black diamond pattern on this rug is inspired by the Berber rugs from Morocco. What you’ll love about this very sophisticated-looking runner is the fact that it’s very easy to take care of. It’s actually machine-washable.

2. Impasto Slate Blue Rug

Abstract art is not only good for your walls, you can place it on your floor too. The name is borrowed from a painting technique that became popular in the 17th century. This is perfect for art lovers and art collectors.

3. Camellia Jade Rug

The romantic floral motif of this runner will give your home a bright and sunny mood. And the pastel colors will surely lift your spirits every time you see them. If you think you need a touch of colors in your home, then getting this runner is a good idea.

4. Celestine Coral Rug

If you have an old table or console that needs sprucing up, this runner will do the job excellently. Its playful design can surely brighten up any boring furniture in your home. Its distressed feature offers a rustic feel.

5. The Rebellion Rug

Are you a Star Wars fan? Then having this rug is a subtle way of expressing your geeky side. It will also be a perfect addition to your collection of Star Wars items. It’s a unique piece indeed.

6. Zareen Scarlet Red Rug

If you want to bring the timeless elegance of Persian rugs to your home, then getting this runner is a good start.

7. Polar White Plush Rug

This is an easy-to-style runner that will surely bring a touch of luxury to any home. It’s surprisingly easy-to-maintain too because it’s made with stain-resistant material.