10 Wall Paintings For Minimalistic Home Design

Choosing the perfect artwork for a minimalistic home can be a challenging task indeed. With sparse furniture and limited color schemes, art is the focal point of such an interior and should be well-thought-out. Presented here are some ideas of wall paintings that would fit perfectly into a minimalistic space.

1 Paris Mist Art

Subtle, delicate, and calming are three words that describe this beautiful reproduction, and it’s perfectly in line with what minimalism stands for. The art is simple, yet its texture draws the eye. The shades of blue and the splashes of white stand out on the neutral background, giving the painting its depth.

2 Misty Skies Art

The color scheme of Misty Skies wall paintings is kept to a minimum, so if you’re looking for wall paintings that won’t stand out too much in a monochrome interior, then these wintery landscapes will be perfect for your home. Cold white and dark grey will look great on a beige or a white wall, and there’s a good selection of sizes to fit any room.

3 Calm Canoe Art

Carylon Killebrew’s canoes are minimalistic and peaceful. These three wall-painting reproductions will add soft pastel colors to your interior. The simple forms of the boats and the calm stillness of the water will emphasize the serenity of your home.

4 Midnight in the Garden Art

Now if you’re looking for something a little more dramatic, this floral art is definitely something to consider. A striking white flower on a dark blue background will look great in a large bedroom or in a living room. The creamy shades of the petals give this piece an amazing 3d effect that will certainly draw a lot of attention to itself.

5 Mango the Cow Art

Mango the Cow by Carylon Killebrew is an original, fresh and direct piece of art, and a true statement piece for a minimalistic home. It’s one of those wall paintings that fits any room in the house, be it a kitchen, a living room, a dining room, or a bedroom. Its calming simplicity is charming and pleasing to the eye.

6 Grateful Art

Landscape art is very popular in interior designs. However, the vibrant colors of nature don’t always go well with minimalistic spaces. For this reason, if you want to add some landscape art to your home, you should consider the art with a minimal color palette. Grateful by Laura Lloyd Fontaine is one of those pieces. A beautifully detailed art that depicts a calm river is perfect for a minimalist bedroom. Shades of blue, white, grey, and green promote tranquility and harmony.

7 Storm Art

Storm by Lisa Moore is an abstract depiction of a galloping horse. This reproduction is another statement art piece that will look stunning hanging over a fireplace or in the entryway.

8 Fine Lines Petal Art

With its subtle black lines on the minimalistic background, this reproduction is suitable for minimalistic interiors. Three abstract petals work well both as separate wall paintings and as a modern triptych.

9 Beyond Blue Art

Beyond Blue, wall paintings are a stunning collection of botanical blooms that will look nice in a kitchen or a study. The six matching prints can be hung apart or on the same wall. The lively colors will add some energy to the neutral shades of your home while remaining simple and unpretentious to go along with the minimalist design.

10 Soft Light Art

Soft (just as the piece’s name suggests) and soothing colors of this reproduction are going to be a great addition to any space, including minimalist homes. With shades of blue, green, and yellow, this piece is suitable for a spacious kitchen or a cozy living room.