10 Luxurious Bedding Options For Spring And Summer

If you’re an active individual who is up and about the whole day, then you surely deserve a good night’s sleep. These bedding essentials are perfect for the spring and summer months.

1. Jardin Toile Bedding

Have you always wanted to sleep in a floral garden on a spring or summer evening? Well, sleeping on this duvet cover comes close. It is made with ultra-soft cotton percale so you can be sure that your dreams will always be sweet.

2. Gwyneth Buffalo Check Bedding

The check pattern is a classic and goes well with almost any theme or motif. This duvet cover is finished by hand using 100% cotton percale. It also comes in different colors.

3. Halle Pickstitch Quilted Bedding

The soft colors and familiar texture of this quilt will take you back to a time when everything was much simpler. This carefully handmade, like all good quilts are. And it is made using the softest and loftiest of cotton fabric.

4. Lucca Velvet Stitched Quilted Bedding

Velvet has always been associated with luxury. And for sure, you’ll feel like a million dollars when you cover yourself with this quilt. The modern colors and texture of this quilt make it perfect for modern bedrooms.

5. Summer Bamboo Throw

During spring or summer - when the weather is warm - being wrapped in a thick blanket is sure to be farthest from your thoughts. You need something light like this bamboo throw. You’ll also love the fact that bamboo is an eco-friendly material.

6. Classic Herringbone Throw

This ultra-soft throw is perfect for long naps in the afternoon. Come spring or summer, it is also substantial enough to keep you cozy at night. The colors and the texture also make it perfect as an accent to your chair or sofa.

7. Ballard Classic Egyptian Percale Sheet Set

Egyptian cotton is considered to be the finest fabric in the world because of its softness and durability. This is definitely one of the best bed sheets that you’ll ever sleep on.

8. Signature Stonewashed Belgian Linen Sheet Set

This soft and breathable sheet is designed for everyday use. It’s a sheet that you can use all year round.

9. Brooke Washed Linen Sham

This premium quality linen sham is perfect to sleep on during warm days and nights.

10. Jardin Toile Bedskirt

Complete the floral theme of your bedroom this spring and summer with this flower-themed bedskirt.